Shahriar Kabir’s latest documentary “Portrait of Jihad” (length: 75 minutes) depicts rise of Islamic militancy in Bangladesh. It is more than thousand years Islam was introduced to Bangladesh mainly by the Sufis. People of this soil accepted all major faiths throughout the ages, lived with peace and amity. ‘Wahabism’, the most orthodox, extreme and destorted interpretaion of Islam was introduced to Bangladesh in 19th century. Initially the Wahabis confined themselves into purifacation of Islam but later through founding political party named Jamate Islami in 1941 they started preaching Jihad, intolerance and violance in the name of religion. With the support of Jamat-e Islami Islamic militant organizations like ‘Harkat ul Jihad’ started activities in Bangladesh since 1989 mainly to recruit Mujahidins in order to fight Jihad in Afghanistan. When Mullah Umar captured state power in Afghanistan, most of the Bangladeshi Jihadis came back home and started recruting militants to fight Jihad in Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya and Palestine. Islamic militants of Bangladesh targeted secular democratic political leaders, free thinkers, religious minorities, women, cultural activists and NGOs. They also targeted juduciary, which is still secular in Bangladesh. The age old secular humane tradition of Bangladesh is the main target of Islamic militants and fundamentalists.Shahriah Kabir’s documentary exposed Jamat-e Islami’s link with Islamic militants that was always been denied by its leaders and also cause and affect of Islamic militancy. Based on the interviews with the activists of Harkat ul Jihad and similar organizations this film unmasked involvement of state machinaries with Islamic militancy.


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